Tuesday, January 9, 2018

My David Bowie Interview Was A Trainwreck

I saw this Jan 8th the day of David Bowie's birthday. It is also the birthday of Elvis Presley. How cool is that?

I interviewed Bowie. It was a train wreck.

I got to interview him at Live 105's Green X-Mas concert on December 7 1997 at Kezar Pavilion on a bill with Bjork, the Verve and Everclear.

He played early on the bill because it was the last day of his visa and he had to get to SFO to make a flight. He did a full set including a cover of Laurie Anderson's O Superman.

I was backstage on the air and he was nice enough to stop by to chat. A few other DJ's joined in. Uh-oh that's never a good thing... It went off the rails fast and I remember Bowie's head on a swivel as all these people were talking and asking him questions.

I do think he was entertained by it as he laughed and smiled as we were talking over each other and blabbing about whatever.

I am sure Bowie fans were yelling at their radio "SHUT UP! LET HIM TALK!"

I apologize. These things happen.

p.s. 5 months later lots of things changed as Howard Stern and the KOME crew arrived at KITS

Here is the setlist as posted to setlist.fm

1. Quicksand

2. "Heroes"

3. The Jean Genie

4. I'm Afraid of Americans

5. Battle for Britain (The Letter)


7. Seven Years in Tibet

8. Fame

9. Looking for Satellites

10. Under Pressure
(Queen cover)

11. The Hearts Filthy Lesson

12. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)

13. Panic in Detroit

14. Look Back in Anger

15. Hallo Spaceboy

16. Little Wonder

17. Dead Man Walking

18. White Light/White Heat
(The Velvet Underground cover)

19. O Superman
(Laurie Anderson cover)

20. Stay

Encore 2:
21. V-2 Schneider

22. The Last Thing You Should Do

23. Fame
(Is it Any Wonder?)

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