Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Working In A San Francisco Pizza Kitchen Was Fun Fu*kinbuddy

I heard this song

and it reminded of when...

I worked at a pizza place in San Francisco with a guy named Manuel. He and I were back in the kitchen. He was a really funny guy from Peru. He would end what he said with "...fu*kinbuddy." If the phone rang more than 3 times we were supposed to answer it and ask them to wait on hold.

Manuel would answer it "hello fu*kinbuddy."
"Ok hold on fu*kinbuddy"

He said it so fast and with an accent that you couldn't quite make out what he was saying. But we knew and it always made us laugh.

He said hello with "Hi fu*kinbuddy" and respond with "I'm fine fu*kinbuddy."

As these things go it was shortened and morphed into nonsense slag all of the kitchen staff would say.

When asked by the servers "Where is that order?" somebody would shout out "fakenbud-e" really fast. In other words "yes it's coming we are slammed back here!"

If he saw a pretty girl it was "faaakeeenbud-eee" really slow.

Lots of fakenbud-e in the air Friday and Saturday nights for whatever reason.

When I worked the prep shift early on weekends to run the slicer for the mushrooms and bell peppers  it was "faaakeeenbud-eee" really slow as well. For different reasons of course.

Like "fuggedaboutit!" in Donnie Brasco It could mean so many things. Some shifts he would only say that but we all knew what he meant. Low on sauce, need more cheese, more to go boxes, whatever.

That was a fun job. A guy there knew how to put a straw in the arcade machine to add credits.

And when we closed we could have pizzas that didn't get picked up or were accidentally made as a mistake. :)


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